first exam week is over. I’m learning how to code, while watching my art skills decline

borderlands pre-sequel hype tho! I’m pretty sure I wanna play wilhelm. 

Iiii’ve been really swamped. Let’s just say I bit off a bit more than I can chew. I’m definitely enjoying the activities I picked up, but I wish I had a bit more time, and I’m committed already. 

Luckily drawing is good stress relief, and this is a commission for a good friend at college with me.

Overlay made for a friend of a friend. I wonder what his favorite champ is?


PokéFrand: Lauren aka lewrenn
Favorite color: Dark Salmon
Favorite Pokemon: Gengar


my amazing artist friend drew me!

one part of the gift I’m sending out for the redditgifts final fantasy exchange

also probably the watercolor I’m most proud of so far, I kind of want to keep it, so I hope my giftee enjoys it


inspired by johanvinet's portraits

My half of an exchange with reddit user /u/HamsterFarm.

Whoo, haven’t drawn a background since I don’t know when. 

Also, once I move in to my dorm next week, my art rate will improve drastically.

(Source: lewrenn)


water drop pikmin


My piece for the How to Train Your Dragon exhibit at the Gallery Nucleus Toothless in all his angular glory. 

It’s still for sale here.


King vs Boy & his Dog

The first Versus/Hearts of 2013. :)

Finn is pissed and he’s kicking the Ice King’s butt… errr beard! Adventure Time!

I found a new artist to admire! - Dan Matutina

His sites/sites he is found on: