cleaned up a sketch I did a few weeks ago


The BurNIng flames of passion glows green behind rOtK!

You got this, Vici! 

Some custom stickers for my friend’s birthday. c:

Riki done for a Dota 2 collab. I’m still a Dota noob, but I enjoy the heroes and have been watching the TI4. There have been some intense games. @_@


someone get this guy a flame rod

Queen of Pastel?

I’m actually very happy with this. :D


lol champions by 切腹君

these are some really pretty concepts

I’ve been having a fun time with this Steam sale.

Also these two games have some pretty enjoyable soundtracks that work for me when I’m doodling.


Child of Light is a beautiful game! It has everything I love about good games- a gorgeous visual style that runs throughout, beautiful music, a charming and meaningful fairy tale inspired story and of course really fun gameplay and RPG number crunching. 

I fell in love with Oengus and empathized with his character. He is a big brute and maybe a little scary, but deep down he’s got a huge heart. I love the interaction between him and Aurora, probably the thing I love most about the game. 


To celebrate the start of summer here’s two summer PB’s!


Check out my friend’s great art~


I haven’t had good enough art to post here in a while, but I kinda dig these two, so here ya go

Baron spawn gifs by me from S@20’s video.

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Hexafusions are hard.

The central one was definitely inspired by delcatty and espeon even though they aren’t present. 

And the Azuspoink on the bottom is my favorite~

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